Welcome to the 2017 Viejo Little League's UMPIRE page. Here you will find the links for umpire sign-ups as well as other information.



Umpire Points as of Sun April 16 2017
Name Earned Plate Base
dick geiss 15 7 8
jeff reeve 13 8 5
alex assaf 10 9 1
mike ryan 10 5 5
ed foster 7 6 1
craig johnson 6 5 1
kyle mcdougald 6 6 0
austin frye 5 0 5
johnny ortega 4 2 2
kevin shimizu 4 3 1
tom peper 4 3 1
dave rigby 3 3 0
steve steinert 3 1 2
tom furukawa 3 0 3
ethan geiss 2 0 2
jack brundage 2 0 2
jaycy igarashi 2 0 2
kevin kron 2 2 0
pj brunner 2 2 0
reza khanjan 2 2 0
tom merk 2 0 2
walt elliott 3 0 3
andy balsz 1 0 1
ben parran 1 0 1
blake balsz 1 0 1
brett elliott 1 0 1
brian danis 2 1 0
bruce karlan 1 0 1
chris adams 1 0 1
dan tabone 1 0 1
dave poltl 1 0 1
don hess 1 0 1
erik edenmuller 1 0 1
erik eidenmuller 1 1 0
ethan kron 1 0 1
fred vizcarra 1 1 0
greg frye 1 1 0
heather hines 1 0 1
jackson peper 1 0 1
jeff Kosewick 2 1 0
jeff tescher 1 1 0
john yots 1 1 0
jon kotez 1 0 1
kerry langdale 2 0 1
mark fischer 1 0 1
mason mullick 1 0 1
matt raine 1 1 0
michael crane 3 0 2
michael mudrinich 1 0 1
owen geiss 1 0 1
randy inman 1 0 1
raquel brunner 1 0 1
robert aguilar 1 1 0
ryan schulman 1 0 1
sam griffith 1 0 1
scott ferrell 1 0 1
stephen Krosky 2 1 0
tom romero 1 0 1
william kron 1 0 1

Thanks again to everyone for volunteering.

Team Points as of Sun April 16 2017
Team Earned Future (Scheduled) Total
Majors-Angels (Odekirk) 13 6 19
Majors-Marlins (Igarashi) 7 2 9
Majors-Orioles (Geiss) 25 15 40
Majors-Royals (Balsz) 4 0 4
AAA-Cardinals (Hamby) 9 5 14
AAA-Pirates (Crane) 10 1 11
AAA-Rangers (Furukawa) 3 0 3
AAA-Red Sox (Shimizu) 8 0 8
AAA-Royals (Raine) 3 1 4
AAA-Padres (Kron) 6 0 6
AA-Angels (Brunner) 6 0 6
AA-Cubs (Frye) 6 0 6
AA-Royals (Wanders) 10 0 10
AA-Pirates (Myrtle) 6 0 6
A-A's (Fischer) 1 3 4
A-Cubs (Letcher) 1 2 3
A-Marlins (Peifer) 2 1 3
A-Orioles (Khanjan) 4 0 4
A-Pirates (Aguilar) 2 2 4



Please register on our umpire scheduling system so you can sign up for games by clicking on the link below.

Viejo Umpire Scheduling Site

Please also login to the umpire scheduling site and update your profile with your team name.

All umpires must have a little league volunteer application on file with your local Little League.  Youth Umpires must be 11 years old or older and in the Majors division or above.

Former Viejo Little League players are encouraged to return as umpires.

To sign up for Junior Games, sign up at the District 68 site:
District 68 Umpire Site
In order to get credit for Junior games,  please send an email notification to your chief umpire.


Click link below for 2017 Viejo LL Local Rules and RMV LL Local Rules.

FINAL VLL Local Rules 2017

rmvll local rules


Coaches are to remain in dugout until catcher has thrown down to second base.

Players must not wear jewelry such as, but not limited to, rings, watches, dangling earrings, bracelets, necklaces.  Exception:  If medically necessary.

Catchers helmet must have dangle throat guard and use catchers mitt

Players may not hold bats in dugout.

No on-deck batters.  Exception: One batter allowed outside dugout before batting, in between innings.

Manager and only two Coaches permitted in the dugout during the game.  Only players and coaches permitted in the dugout.


The Umpire Basics 2017 Manual, developed by District 57, is a great tool for new umpires, who want to learn what to expect when umpiring and for experienced umpires who want to reinforce what they already know.
Umpire Basics 2017 Manual

2 MAN CREW --- Please see  twomanrotation

4 MAN CREW --- 4_Man_UmpireMechanics-Diagrams Rev_2014-05-20

Batting out of order guideline


umpire_guidelines district 68


Division Specific Rules - Table


The manager must remove the pitcher when said pitcher reaches the limit for his/her age group, but the pitcher may remain in the game at another position:

13-16......... 105 pitches per day
11-12.........  85 pitches per day
9-10..........  75 pitches per day
7-8............  50 pitches per day

Pitch Count / Days Rest
1 - 20 = No rest
21 - 35  = 1 day rest
36 - 50 = 2 days rest
51 - 65 = 3 days rest
66+ = 4 days rest

The official pitch count = the 1st pitch to the last batter faced
If a pitcher reaches the limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs:
1. That batter reaches base;
2. That batter is put out;
3. The third out is made

A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.

(Majors, AAA, AA)   A pitcher once removed from the mound cannot return as a pitcher.

(Juniors and above)  A pitcher remaining on defense in the game, can return as a pitcher anytime in the remainder of the game, but only once per game.

Any player who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day.  The catcher receiving one pitch to a batter in an inning constitutes one inning,

AAA Local Rules  (Not all listed here)

Minimum Play - Nine (9) defensive outs with one (1) complete inning at an infield position.

Five Run Rule – During the first five (5) innings of any game, the 5 Run Rule shall apply in the AAA Division.  THERE IS NO 10 RUN MERCY RULE in AAA Division.
More than 5 runs can be scored during the first 5 innings if the inning ends on an over the fence home run or ground rule double.

Unlimited amount of runs may be scored in the declared last inning.

Pitch Count Rules – Little League Green Book Rules.

Any new full inning that begins after the 1 hour 45 minute mark will be declared the last inning.  No Drop Dead Time Limit.

Double A  (AA) Local Rules  (Not all listed here)

Minimum Playing Time –All players must sit out one (1) inning before another player sits for a second inning. Every player must play a minimum of one (1) complete inning at an infield position and a minimum of one (1) complete inning in the outfield.

Five Run Rule – During the first five (5) innings of any game, the 4 run rule shall apply in the first half of the season, and the 5 Run Rule shall apply in the 2nd half.  THERE IS NO 10 RUN MERCY RULE in AA Division.
More than 4 or 5 runs can be scored during the first 5 innings if the inning ends on an over the fence home run or ground rule double.  Unlimited amount of runs may be scored in the declared last inning.

Pitchers will be restricted to pitching for a maximum of six (6) consecutive defensive outs per game (1st Half), and nine (9) consecutive defensive outs (2nd Half), even if they have not yet reached their maximum pitch count.  Pitchers may not return.

Pitch Count Rules – Pitchers can only pitch a maximum of 50 pitches.  Threshold rules apply.  Little League Green Book Rest Rules apply otherwise.

Threshold Rules -  If the pitcher reaches pitch #50, the manager must pull the pitcher.  If the pitcher reaches pitch #50 while facing a batter, he/she may continue pitching to that batter until the batter reaches base, is put out, or the 3rd out occurs.

Catcher - A pitcher who delivers 41 pitches or more cannot play position of catcher for the remainder of that day.

Stealing of bases is allowed, however runners cannot steal home.  During the first half of the season, all runners may only advance one base maximum on an overthrow.  (Base must be earned.)  There shall be no additional advance on any subsequent overthrows for that play.  Runner at or approaching 3rd base may attempt to advance home at risk of being put out.
2nd Half of Season – No limit on advancing due to overthrows.  No stealing home.

Any new full inning that begins after the 1 hour 45 minute mark will be declared the last inning.  No Drop Dead Time Limit

Single A  Local Rules (Not all listed here)

FOUR RUN RULE First Half of Season:  The 4-run rule shall apply in the A Division. The inning is over when three outs are recorded or the 4th run crosses home plate.  More than four (4) runs may be scored in a single inning by a single team only in the case of an over-the fence home run or a ground-rule double.  There is no 10- run mercy rule.
5-runs shall apply during the 2nd half.

One Foot in Batter's Box Rule:
The main rule change this season is the one foot in box rule.
This really only applies to AA and above.
We are implementing this optional rule at Viejo for two reasons.  1. It should speed up the game.  2.  It will be enforced during Tournament Play.
The batter can remove his/her front foot outside the batters box (keeping his back foot in the box) in between pitches or while receiving signs from the coach.
The umpires should keep reminding the batter to return to the box without enforcing the penalty of calling a strike on the batter.  However, if the batter continues to not comply, then the umpire may enforce this rule.  I am hoping with the help of the Managers and Umpires, there shouldn't be any penalties enforced.
Please discuss with the umpires at the start of the game.
Exceptions per page 92 of 2017 Green Book:
1. On a swing, slap, or check swing
2. When forced out of the box by a pitch
3. When the batter attempts a "drag bunt"
4. When the catcher does not catch the pitched ball
5. When a play has been attempted
6. When time has been called
7. When pitcher leaves the dirt area of the pitching mound or the catcher leaves the catchers box
8. On a three ball count pitch that is a strike, that the batter thought was a ball.  (Started heading towards 1st base).
Penalty:  If the batter leaves the batters box or delays play and none of the exceptions apply, the umpire shall warn the batter. After one warning on a batter, the umpire shall call a strike.  (Locally, I'm going to tell the umpires to refrain from calling strikes unless the batter continues to not comply). Any number of strikes can be called on one batter.
Major/Minor Division:  No pitch has to be thrown, the ball is dead, and no runners may advance.
Intermediate (Junior):  No pitch has to be thrown and the ball is live.
Note:  The batter may return their position in the batter's box and assume the new count at any time during the at-bat, unless penalty is the 3rd strike.
The strike call does not count against the pitchers pitch count.


All umpires will be issued a Blue Umpire Jersey and Blue Hat with the Bulldog Blue Crew logos.  Jerseys, Hats, and red blue crew t-shirts will be available Friday February 28th "Opening Night".   Please purchase Charcoal or Heather gray slacks to complete the uniform.  Pants can be found at stores such as Kohls, GAP, Banana Republic and many others.
Suggestion:  Please wear black shoes, black socks, and black belt.

Monkey Sports
Gerry Davis

For those that wish to purchase their own equipment I use and suggest the following:

Umpire Masks     Umpire Masks

Diamond DFM-iX3 Umpire Mask

Chest Protector  Diamond DCP-IX3 UMP

Diamond DLG-UMP Lite 150, 170, and 185

Umpire Leg Guards 15 inch

Umpire Shoes

Plate and Base Umpire Shoes


Below is the umpire presentation presented at the Managers meeting January 2017.
Note:  The local rules have been modified since this presentation was delivered.

Manager Meeting 2017_Umpires & Local Rules


2017 Approved Bat List for Little League:

Need help figuring out what bat to purchase?    Try Bat-coach

Full Printable List of 2 1/4 Baseball Bats - For quick reference on the field, with composites included (printable PDF format)

Bat List 2017


In 2018 all the regulations for bats will change with the spring 2018 season. In essence this means that any bat that is used today or up until the 2018 season will no longer be approved. In 2018 all bats will have to have the USA baseball logo stamped on it, this is not just LL, but also high school, NCAA, Pony etc. So before they spend $400.00 plus on a new composite something or other that they plan to pass down to the next kid, they need to be aware that it will be an illegal bat.

Batting donuts are illegal and have been for a great number of years, the sleeves are OK, but NOT the donut. There is a new hybrid type donut in sporting goods stores plus the likes of Amazon…

It looks like an oversized dixie cup with a 1/3 or so cut out of it, comes in different weights. It is illegal in all levels of LL play as it is basically a new version of a donut.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Kyle McDougald ---

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