Tournament of Champions


Majors - Marlins: Majors TOC Pool A

Majors - Orioles: Majors TOC Pool B

AAA - Padres: Minors TOC Pool A

AAA - Pirates: Minors TOC Pool B


District 68 TOC Information

District 68 hosts a Tournament of Champions every year at the end of the regular season. Our League sends Juniors, two (2) Major and two (2) Minor (AAA) teams.

I. The two (2) Major and two (2) AAA teams will be the League Champion of each Division (Major and AAA) and the winners of the VLL Playoffs in each Division (Major and AAA). The League Champion will have choice of brackets.

2. League Champion-Majors and AAA Divisions will play a split schedule (two halves). The winner of the first half will play the winner of the second half to determine "league champion". The winner will be declared league champion and get an automatic bid to the TOC tournament while the loser will be "first seed" in the VLL Playoffs. If the winner of both halves is the same team, the next best overall record will be "first seed" in the VLL Playoffs. If a winner cannot be determined by most wins, then it will go to head to head competition in the respective half. If still tied, then the tiebreaker will be runs scored, in the espective half, against that particular team or teams if more than two teams are involved.

3. The second TOC berth shall be determined by a single game elimination playoff. "First seed" will have a bye, if available, in the first round of the playoffs. Seeding in the VLL Playoffs will be worst record playing best record. League Champion is not involved in the VLL Playoffs.

4. To the extent that a team that qualifies for the Tournament of Champions cannot participate, the overall regular season standings shall be used to determine the replacement team, with the team that finishes highest in the standings approached first.

5. Teams must make every effort to participate. Managers should make sure that the parents of their team are aware of this post-season tournament early in the season to minimize vacation conflicts.

6. The highest seeded team (the team which finished highest in the regular season standings) will be the Home Team for each game.

7. No replacement of lost players is allowed.


Viejo LL will award trophies (or other recognition) to the First and Second place teams. Other teams may be recognized as well at the discretion of the VLL Board. In divisions that send teams to the District TOC First place will be awarded to the team that won both halves of the season or wins the playoff game between the two teams that won each half. Second place will be awarded to the team that won a half season but lost the playoff game. If one team one both halves Second Place will be awarded to the winner of the Viejo LL Playoffs. In divisions that do not play two halves trophies willbe awarded based on the results of the Viejo LL Playoffs. If the Viejo LL Playoff format does not generate a single "runner up" Third place will be awarded to the team with the next best record or will not be awarded.