Juniors All-Star Bracket

12 Year Old All-Star Bracket

11 Year Old All-Star Bracket

10 Year Old All-Star Bracket

9 Year Old All-Star Bracket

Juniors All-Star Roster

AJ Aldaba
Michael Dobbs
Matthew Evans
Blake Frye
Joaqun Madison
Simon Moreno
Skyler Noonan
Joshua Stephenson
Carson Williams
Dylan Zippe
Davis Theis
Owen Stodder

12 Year Old All-Star Roster

Blake Balsz
Jack Brundage
Riley Comnos
Aaron Farias
Tate Garman
Vincent Gates
Donovan Hess
Logan Kelly
Matthew Odekirk
Tyler Poltl
Luke Scott
Ryan Todd
Cody Zippe

11 Year Old All-Star Roster

Austin Frye
Ethan Geiss
Owen Geiss
Bradley Hagen
Braeden Howes
Talan Igarashi
Jack Peper
Jacob Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez
Austin Rosecrans
Jason Sanchez
Jackson Sievers
Blaine Stodder

10 Year Old All-Star Roster

Cory Abrew
Paul Brunner
Matthew Crane
Brock Defries
Ethan Every
Jake Furukawa
Jackson Kosewick
Ryan Kron
Max Krosky
Cashel O'Byrne
Owen Raine
Cole Steinert
Dylan Vanar

9 Year Old All-Star Roster

Conner Brandes
Jayden Brown
Micah Fretwell
Cameron Hess
Cole Kennedy
RJ Khanjan
Sean Lohmeier
Zachary McDougald
Luke Pippen
Ethan Sanchez
Austin Shimizu
Vaughn Steinert
Steven Vlahos



Download the All-Star Application Here >>

  • L.L is excited for our boys to participate in the post-season tournaments. Please take a minute to review the time commitment and expectations of player/parents for the 2017 All Star Season. 
If you want your child to be considered for participation in post-season play, you need to be aware that that this will require a high level of commitment to the team. If you would like your son to be considered for a team fill out the attached form and turn it in no later that Friday, May 5.  Please remember that this is an application and does not guarantee that your son will be selected for a team.

All Stars (Juniors, Little League, 11s, 9/10s)

  • Per District Little League regulations, All Star teams can’t be announced any sooner than Saturday, June 1st.  This season announcements will be on June 3rd, with practices potentially starting the same day.
  • The District 68 All Star tournament is a double elimination tournament that starts June 24th and can last through July 3rd.
  • Should a V.L.L. team continue to advance to subsequent tournaments, games and practices could possibly continue through July.


9-Year-Old Tournament Team

  • The Tournament team will be announced on Saturday, June 3rd with practices potentially starting the same day.
  • The Tournament team will play in a double elimination District tournament that starts June 17th.

 All practices and games at each level require mandatory attendance. Failure to do so could result in reduced playing time, removal from the team and future consideration of making an All Star team.

Expect to have practice every day or nearly every day.

All Stars require participation fees of $100.  In addition, players can order photos, team shirts, jackets etc. at additional cost to the families.

If you have any questions about the All Star process please refer to Viejo Little League’s Local Rules @  If you have additional questions please contact V.L.L. Player Agents Raquel Brunner @ or Erinn Igarashi

Interested in how All Stars are selected?
Learn more here >